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Being a goof and learning life lessons from Meridith Graves(Shoppers, Perfect Pussy)

Beyond excited for this! My favorite band, playing my favorite venue! I hope everyone can make it out for this and help support this amazing space. I will always remember seeing Ceremony for the first time in 2011 at the Che and how life-changing that night was for me, easily the best show of my life. It was my final winter quarter at UCSD and I remember just feeling disconnected and isolated from everyone and everything, uncertain about post-grad life and dissatisfied with my present one. Ceremony played and it was fucking perfection and all that shit didn’t disappear but somehow none of it mattered after that. I had finally found what I was looking for. Two years later I ended up talking to Ross Farrar about that show and he put it best “the Che Café just has an aura about it man, that place is really special, ya know?” I couldn’t agree more. Whether this is your 1st or millionth time at the Che or seeing Ceremony , it’s going to be amazing.

For more information and tickets for this show, visit:


For more information about this space and upcoming events, visit:


And to keep shows like this happening and the spirit and proliferation of radical politics, feminism, and veganism alive, sign here:


Please note: I am not the creator of this flyer, and the original can be found on the Ceremony and Che websites respectively.

a poster that I did after UCAB rendered their vote to cut ché from the budget.

it’s really difficult when something that has shaped you in such tremendous ways is under threat. it’s even more painful when you feel powerless, because you’re not geographically close to that thing, making it hard to be there to protect it.

the ché café, both the space itself and the individuals who make up the collective have taught me so much. we’re not going to let it go without organizing resistance.

help us do that. ensure that community controlled spaces continue to exist.

I’ve chosen this prison to block me from yours.

Just another day in the Raw Life…

My take on Bill Waterson’s Calvin & Hobbes

Me // Terror

November 9th, 2012 @ The Che Cafe

Photographer: Dan Rawe

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/danrawe/8173226779